Most Awesome Hairdresser in Zurich

Coming from Malaysia where the best salon (Peekaboo!) only charges RM60 (20CHF) for a really awesome wash, cut and blowdry session, Zurich is plainly a rip off when it comes to cutting hair.

My past 2 haircuts were at a chain-store in Niederdorf. They costed me 60CHF, and consisted of a 5 minute wash and 10 minute quick haircut (using blades for layering). Hair drying was DIY – you could test run all the products you wanted in their little style bar round the back of the salon. Within 2 weeks the ends of my tresses were starting to split again. I blame it on blunt scissors and the awful layering blade. That’s what you get with “cheap” salons with high throughput.

I needed an alternative.

Today I headed to Hair Studio Hirano. The guy running the show – Hirano – is Japanese and has been in business for decades (first in US and then Zurich). My hope was that he would understand Asian hair. I skipped the wash – he basically said it would be fine without (and I didn’t want to pay more than I needed to!). After a short chat about how I wanted things (basically the same as before, only 2 inches shorter….) he started snipping. And he took a nice long 45 minutes, layering using only his scissors (no blades = no splits). I am *really* pleased with the results. No blowdry since my hair wasnt wet in the first place. In the end it costed me less than 60CHF. A complete wash, cut and dry will probably set you back 100CHF+. The other great thing is that he doesn’t push you to highlight/treat/perm/buy products.

So the point of this post…. Any girls or guys in Zurich looking for a high-quality haircut that wouldnt cost you the evening’s wages, do head over to Hirano’s! He’s right next to Guggachstrasse (& Milchbuck). He’s really nice and speaks German, English and Japanese. And tell him Chia said hi!

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