Unfairness in the Malaysian Electoral System: an infographic

Before Malaysia’s 13th General Elections, I dug into a bit of our history to uncover the changes that have been implemented that today give the incumbent political party an unfair advantage. Here is my simple infographic (if you can call it that)  of one of the main factors of electoral inequality in Malaysia.

Malapportionment in the Malaysian electoral system

Our electoral system clearly needs an overhaul…. one that the incumbent would never agree to.

Edit: I uploaded this infographic (and a Malay version) on Facebook after GE13, and it received almost 1500 shares! Many were aware of poll-rigging problems, but the two silent culprits — malapportionment and gerrymandering — went mostly unnoticed until it was too late. Hopefully, more will stand up to demand for fairer elections in Malaysia’s GE14.

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