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2-2 mergeI’m Chia, a Malaysian girl and graduate researcher (fancy word for PhD student) based in Geneva. I’m currently working in the field of cell biology, where I mostly do microscopy imaging of dividing cells and spend a good amount of time analyzing those images and movies.

Science was my first love, and art my second. In my teenage years, I also tried a bit of programming and found that I really enjoyed that too. My PhD project allows me to bring together my interests in visualization, data, programming and understanding how the universe works (in the form of a cell).

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Prior to my PhD, I studied bio-engineering and got to work in a couple of labs focusing on biomaterials; my projects ranged from developing biodegradable drug delivery systems to printing stem cell microarrays on hydrogels. The hands-on making required for these projects were good fun, and something I miss in biology. (These days, I only make graphs and the occasional Matlab app).

In the last few years, I’ve been studying art and design through books and blogs. I am especially drawn to scientific illustrations and data visualization. In a bid to make better graphs, I learnt R and am a big fan of ggplot2. Processing or D3.js would be nice skills to have one day!

The problem with my constant surfing is that I keep finding new fantastic tools, great infographics and wonderful talks and videos. I share many of them on facebook, but not all my friends enjoy such topics and it is also rather difficult for me to find back one of my posted links. I figured a wordpress website would make a good archiver, and if it can be used as a resource for others, all the better! I also have a few other websites (that still need a lot of work): www.litebiology.com, which focuses on biology concepts for high school and university students, and artbooksreviewed.wordpress.com, where I review some of the art-related books I bought and tools that I use.

Living in Switzerland, I’ve also been able to indulge in another love: nature. I am surrounded by beautiful mountains and try to take every opportunity to visit and explore them by foot, bike, or in the winter months, snowboard. After my PhD, I will be leaving Switzerland to travel in different parts of the world. You can follow my adventures with T at: adventure-tracks.com

Mountain biking @ Davos


3 thoughts on “about me

  1. Science, vegetarian meals, and hiking stories? I’m in! Thanks for coming by, commenting, and following my blog! Yours sounds great!

    • I just realized you haven’t posted something new in years! What’s up with that?! 😀 I think you have cool things to say! Come back!

      • Hey echo! Actually I tend to have many short-term projects including blogs and websites! :p My latest one for my latest craze (cycling/biking): http://dzchmiscellaneousadventures.wordpress.com (we called it adventures in case I get bored of bikes, or when winter hits and we turn to snowboards!) :p I also tried to run http://litebiology.com when I was still tutoring pre-uni students, but then started my PhD and couldn’t juggle writing serious science stuff! Writing about cycletouring and mountain biking is way easier! Do follow my biking blog! I hope I’ll keep this one going for a bit longer than the rest!!!

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